Weekly Comics Discussion

Highlights of this
include Daredevil #58,
Daredevil Vol. 8: Echo – Vision Quest, and
Fantastic Four #511. Today we’ll also see
the Punisher movie adaptation, the launch of
the Thor: Son of Asgard miniseries, and a
fair number of graphic novels.

3 replies on “Weekly Comics Discussion”

  1. Fantastic Four #511

    Jack Kirby. It seemed cheap at first, but really, who
    better for the world the Fantastic Four live in?

    • Re: Fantastic Four #511
      you know, it was kinda reminiscent of animal man 26 by grant morrison, but what the heck, it was a nice stoy

  2. How about Vertigo?
    No DC Vertigo stuff? I’ve been hooked on Losers since it came out. Fables is also another good one. I picked up the Enemy Ace graphic novel the other week; great great stuff! Writing in that was amazing.

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