It’s been ages since we’ve run one of these, so…

Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, died this week at 85.

North Korea claims its recent launch is part of a space program, but other nations believe it’s more of a missile test.

A non-trivial distinction.

And yeah, we’re aware the site is moving very slowly. We’re working on it.

Superbowl superheroics, anime on ice, nerdish cosplay, and more, below:

The Superbowl sees Turkish Airlines doing some tie-in marketing with Dawn of Justice:

Awhile back, Canadian figure skater Kevin Reynolds did a routine to Cowboy Bebop’s opening theme (and he didn’t tank, either):

Cosplay and highlights from:

Pax South

Anime Los Angeles 2016:

Paris Manga 2016:

And if you’re in Wenatchee, Washington in February or March, check out the SF art show at the RadarStation Gallery: