Supergirl Discussion: “For the Girl Who Has Everything”

Kara finds herself in a similar situation as Riker did in Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “Future Imperfect,” and Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Animated Series‘ “Perchance to Dream.”

How does she fare?

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      • yah – and now that I’ve seen some stills from the episode this is *definitely* a retelling of that particular story.
        I think it probably works even better for Supergirl, who actually remembers Krypton.

  1. Like Hitch said, this was base on that Superman comic.

    While this was a good episode in general, I had a couple of problems. First, it sounded like Alex was getting through to what’s her face. I don’t think she had to die. Then again, you don’t bring a kryptonite sword to a fight NOT to use it.

    Second, and this is a bit worse, was Supergirl’s fight with what’s his face. It just… didn’t feel like an actual fight. And we /know/ Melissa Benoist can do Angry. She’s done it before! This time it was more “LOOK HOW ANGRY I AM! LOOK! LOOK AT ME! I’M ANGRY” *half-hearted punch* “LOOK AT ME BEING ANGRY!” *half-hearted punch* etc. She should’ve at least hurt him a little.

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