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Ghostbusters debuts at #2

It looks like those negative pre-release comments about the film may have taken a toll. The all-female reboot took second place at the box office behind The Secret Life of Pets (which is in its second week).

Did anyone here see it this weekend? Any wild and unfounded theories you want to throw out? Are the Hollywood bean counters right and female-led movies just don’t gross as much money? Or were audiences just not willing to put any money down to see a reboot of a beloved classic? Or a little of both?

Video Game Review – Ghostbusters (PS3)

Last year we finally got what could best be described as the 3rd installment of the Ghostbusters series. It was written by the writers of the films, and got the original actors who played the four Ghostbusters back together. Why didn’t you see it in theaters? Because it was a video game.  Now I’ve played it, so now I’m gonna review it. No, I’m not going to reference the Ghostbusters theme song in the intro.

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