A First Look at the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo SwitchI know we’re not a gaming blog, per se, but I think most of us are gamers or at least are interested in new tech. The Switch, which rolls out in March, certainly seems to embrace both console and mobile gaming (including multiplayer mobile gaming). Will it succeed? We’ll see. The Wii certainly shook up the market, though it didn’t have a lot of staying power.


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  1. I think it’s interesting. Inevitably, it will end up in my hands. My biggest concern is backward compatibility. I have a lot of Wii U titles on disc and I don’t see a disc drive anywhere on this thing.

    • A fair point. Rumors are floating about that 3DS/2DS cartridges will work on it. But without the sensor bar and IR remotes, I don’t see Wii/Wii U games working on this platform.

      I think about half of the time our Wii is used to play GameCube games.

      • The one thing I haven’t seen mentioned that could hold back Wii U / 3DS / 2DS compatibility is whether or not the screen is a touch screen. Given their love for the things, I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have touch capabilities but there was not even a hint of that in the preview video.

        But then again they also showed Splatoon being played with pro style controllers and I find that hard to believe. That game is frustrating as hell with the pro controller but it’s fun and natural using the gryo aiming with the pad.

        • My wife and I were just talking about this over the weekend. At no point during the trailer do we see anyone touching the screen. Which makes sense, since there’s no equivalent to the touch screen when the console is “docked.”

          Nintendo may be making a clean break with past consoles (like when the GameCube came out). I’m sure the Virtual Console stuff will be available giving players access to stuff that will work with the Switch’s control scheme (Metroid Prime 1 & 2 made it to the Wii and Wind Waker made it to the Wii U).

          • If there is a migration path for compatible titles that might be OK, but I really don’t want to have to rebuy the same games yet again for a new platform. We can keep the Wii U around and hooked up so it’s not a huge deal though.

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