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  1. My take (and YMMV):

    Keep X-Men and Fantastic Four in their own universe (X-Verse?). Start from scratch with an eye for a complete shared universe. X-men, Deadpool, FF, etc all have their own movies with shared characters for cameos, then do something huge (a la Avengers) as an epic event.

    Once you get through a few phases of solo & team-up movies, then do a special ginormous multiverse cross-over with the MCU. Make it a one-off thing and then go back to more phases separately. Rinse & repeat.

    ETA: Apparently this now makes Disney the major shareholder of Hulu. Maybe they’ll abandon their plans for their own service and just load their content onto Hulu instead?

    • I think the X-Men do better in their own universe, but I’d like to see the FF as part of the next phase of the MCU. Perhaps Doom can be the next Big Bad, if that’s the direction they want.

      It should also mean the MCU can use the “Mutant” label, and not worry so much about available villains.

      • I want to see them bring the FF in as guest appearances, but to use the rights to get Brad Bird to do an animated FF movie.

        They could use Avengers 4 to do the recent Secret Wars story line, make the X-Men universe collide with the MCU, and do the soft reboot on the way out leaving both universes entwined, and Avengers 5 can be Avengers vs. X-Men.

  2. The deal allows Rupert Murdoch to retain control of Fox News, Fox will remain the Official News Agency of People Yelling at Kids to Get off Their Lawn.

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