Disney-Fox Merger Approved By Shareholders

Variety has more details, but the short version is that the film rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four, and their related characters now go to Disney (who owns Marvel comics). The price tag? Just $71.3 Billion. No big deal.

Let the wild speculation begin! Doctor Doom as the next “Big Bad?” Magneto? Galactus?

Personally, I’m just holding out for a Firefly/Serenity ride at Disneyland (“Oh God, oh God, We’re All Gonna Die: The Ride”). Fingers crossed.

2 replies on “Disney-Fox Merger Approved By Shareholders”

  1. I’m thinking the X-Men work better on their own, but I’d like to finally see a decent FF movie, and they bring a number of possible adversaries with them: Doom, Galactus, Namor and the Atlantean Army….

    • I’d love a Namor film, but I hear those rights are complicated, and with Aquaman being released, he’s going to look like a cheap knock off to the untrained eye.

      Still, I would have said John Borrowman would be perfect, but as the years have moved on, I think a younger (but not Tom Holland young) actor would probably pull it off. Anyone with more abs than anatomically possible, that is.

      That said, anyone want to see Brad Bird with the keys to a real Fantastic Four franchise?

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