Jessica Jones and the Punisher also cancelled

In a move that will surprise no one who has been watching Disney consolidate its properties, the last MCU Nextflix dramas have been cancelled, though Jessica Jones will receive one more season.

The shows could reappear on Disney’s own service or even in the MCU, but (by legal agreement with Netflix) not until 2020.

Marvel’s small-screen focus at present will be its recently-announced animated series, starring some of Marvel’s lesser-known characters, and live-action shows featuring Loki, Scarlet Witch, the Vision, and the Falcon.

2 replies on “Jessica Jones and the Punisher also cancelled”

  1. 2020 isn’t as far away as it seems, I doubt any of us fan expected a return before then anyways. They could do season 4 on Disney+ and it wouldn’t actually miss a beat.

    • Indeed. I was thinking that 2020 was a lot closer than it looked at first glance, too.

      It hasn’t really been all that long since Netflix and Marvel parted ways on these characters so I wouldn’t expect Marvel to have any concrete plans for these characters yet, and even if they do, I doubt they would be announcing anything until some time after Jessica Jones airs. That’s one thing Marvel seems to be pretty good at: being cagey about what’s coming.

      Now, to be clear, I don’t expect anything in particular. But I do expect they will at least try to do something. I mean, it should be a pretty decent way to sweeten the pot for some of us to actually subscribe to Disney’s streaming service.

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