Whatever else is happening in the US, at least money remains available for NASA, and the agencies still intends to return to the moon.

Elsewhere in space, it seems our galaxy is not flat, but rather warped.

That’s some actual space news. Some SF and pop-culture related Nerd News appears below.

Art imitating life? Disney has been known to give some of its billions of earnings to charity and, in a neat little bit of loose-changing, some of the profits from Black Panther will go to open that Stem Center in Oakland.

We have dueling Captain Marvel movies this spring. The one that gets to use that name takes place in the 1990s, and they’ve created a website that looks to be timewarped from that era. Anyone else getting nostalgic?

Image-creation continues to grow more creepily accurate, even creating plausible people who do not actually exist.

Which reminds me– anyone see Alita: Battle Angel yet?

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