7 replies on “1960’s Movies Trivia | Dorky Geeky Nerdy”

  1. I got 14, and I think I knew more 1960s movies than I thought.

    Next week, if I don’t get a high score, I think I deserve to be beaten to death with a shovel. (A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend.)

  2. I have a perfect declining score:
    Round one: 8
    Round two: 7
    Round three: 6


    Guess I’ll buff up on my knowledge for next week. We’ll see if I can slay it the way Lex will.

  3. I’ve just been awarding myself a point for each one I get right. Half the time I know more of the harder questions and almost none of the easy ones. By the other scoring method, I’m doing far better than I report. I’d have 40 this week.

    • See, those are the scores I expected to hear from you guys. Instead, I was hearing numbers I could compete with, so it felt off. Now I get it!

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