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With the scheduled release of the Saw reboot this weekend, we thought it might be fun to dive back into the gory and frightening world of the 2000’s (2000-2009).

Episode 68: 2000’s Horror Movies

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  1. I knew very few answers, but I had at least one or two where I was close. Like “It was Mummy’s sequel!” without getting the actual name.

    Final score? 7.

    That means in a horror movie, I would be the one who would die before anyone even realizes there is a horror movie happening. “Did you hear about `Lex? They found his body completely drained of all his bandwidth!” “Wow, I guess it was bound to happen. Are we all still meeting for that Retro CyberCafe VideoChat tonight?”

  2. JD DeLuzio says:

    I see a lot of horror– but apparently, not a lot of these horrors. I had a few of Lex’s, “oh, yeah, that’s right,” moments.

    I think this represents my worst showing to date:

    First Round: 3
    Second Round: 2
    Third Round: 1

    I was hoping for a nod to Ginger Snaps (2000), but it was mentioned in an earlier Trivia Podcast, I believe.
    As for the big screen Scooby-Doo, it was pretty horrible, and it had that terrifying…uh… farting contest, but… Yeah… Not so much a horror movie.

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