Dorky Geeky Nerdy #105 | 1990’s Cartoon Trivia

Who remembers 1990’s cartoons? Well, we do and they were glorious. Join us as we slide back in time to the final decade of the 20th Century for some rowdy, rambunctious fun with the cartoons of the 1990’s. So, settle in for thirty questions of 1990s cartoon trivia.

Specifically, we’re looking at shows that started in the 90’s. They may (or may not) have finished outside the decade. So, good luck!


3 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #105 | 1990’s Cartoon Trivia”

  1. My workout kicked my butt, and it was two much work to pause my podcasts, so I am jumping into this early today.

    Dorky – 10 right, 10 point – My first perfect score! The comic book of one answer was the first time Dan Slott got to write Spider-Man. (We read it for #DrunkPete)
    Geeky – 4 right, 8 points – …and I fall off the cliff pretty heavily in this round.
    Nerdy – 2 right, 6 points – Yeah, apparently I know all the surface trivia, but nothing deeper.

    Seems like the 90s were a formative years for 40something year old me more than you’d expect.

    • Well, you beat me in the first two rounds, and we tied in the last round. I’m okay with scoring lower here than I have in the past, because I noticed the shows fall into two groups. Group 1 is shows that I’ve watched for more than 30 seconds total in my lifetime: I got every single question about group 1 shows correct. Group 2 is about shows that I’ve never watched, some of which aired on a network we don’t even get in my country, and I got about 30% of those right. All things considered, I think I did fairly well in those circumstances.

      • Yeah, I also had a special advantage that my eldest daughter was born in the nineties, so the shows she enjoyed were stuff that still ran after the 90s but started there.

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