Dorky Geeky Nerdy #110 | Name that Show (Sci-Fi Edition)

Who is ready for some Sci-Fi TV Trivia? With the pandemic raging on, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s caught up on every old show that’s available on streaming.

This week, the set up is pretty simple. I give you three members of a show’s cast, you just have to name the Sci-Fi show they were all on. There’s a twist, that I won’t reveal just yet, but I’m sure you smart cookies will figure it out.


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  1. My scores: 8/10, 8/10, 2/10, for 30 points total.

    I love the twist, partly because of the problems it exposes. Without that twist, I think I’d have scored in the 50s, but the twist forced you to pick more obscure clues than you otherwise would have, when in a fair world, it wouldn’t have made a difference.

    • I’m glad the twist didn’t come off as ham-fisted. Felt like something that would spice up the show (and raise a little visibility).

  2. Interesting new variation, I am intrigued! I am also expecting to fail even worse than usual, since my take on actor names is “Oh, this season we are going to have guest stars of Cylon 6 and Smallville Clark Kent!”, “Majel, you know this stars Spider-Man and Star Lord, right?”, or “I didn’t know Thor’s brother was in Westworld! That’s why he looks so familiar!”

    Dorky – 8 right, 8 point – You teased me with that first one. “Oh, this might not be so–” and then hit me with a show I watched all of and had no clue about. (But yes, I got the ones my kids were named after.) Also, “Oh, that’s how it’s pronounced.”
    Geeky – 7 right, 14 point – Okay, I whiffed on a show I really should have gotten right at the beginning.
    Nerdy – 1 right, 3 point – We hit the shows I didn’t watch. I only missed one show (this round) that I did watch, and I knew I was missing it, I just couldn’t place that name.

    It took me a moment to realize what the twist was supposed to be, and I think it probably helped me (for the very non-PC reason that I would look up the cute ones.)

    Very fun, and I didn’t do nearly as poorly as I expected to do.

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