Alaska Trivia | Dorky Geeky Nerdy #188

We’re heading up North. Like…all the way up North.

Hey gang, this is episode 188 of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast. I’m your host, Brian Rollins, and this week we’ve got Alaska Trivia on tap.

If you’re new, welcome. We feature three rounds of ten questions every week. You can get more trivia, content, rules, and score cards at our website,

This week’s shout-out is to Matthew. Matthew’s a long-time listener that posts his scores on Twitter every week. He’s also the show’s first subscriber. That’s right, you can help the show and become a patron. So thanks, Matthew. Now I no longer have an excuse to keep from making bonus content for my supporters. But seriously, if you see him on Twitter, say hi and compare scores.

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We’ll be back again next week with another thirty trivia questions. Here’s a clue for what to expect:

What state is broken up into two parts, often referred to as the upper and lower peninsulas?

Not a super hard hint, but I can’t be brutally hard all the time, right? See you back here next Wednesday.

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2 replies on “Alaska Trivia | Dorky Geeky Nerdy #188”

  1. I hear more about Alaska from Wolverine comics (and his podcast) than most other places.

    Dorky – 7 points, 7 correct – Oh, we start off there.
    Geeky – 5 points, 10 correct –
    Nerdy – 4 points, 8 correct – The Bear from my D&D game is one of those bears.

    Is it cheating if I go look up the capital of the next one so I know it next week? It’s not, right, because it’s just studying.

    Also, any chance of getting the Bureau42 post to be set three hours earlier? I know the podcast has dropped because (on a good day) I listen as I get set up for my workday, but I don’t have the article to keep my score in while I am answering.

    • The post comes from a plugin that scans the RSS feed for a new episode. Let me see if I can tweak that to catch it sooner without breaking anything.

      (I don’t suppose it’s cheating. But it might deprive you of the challenge during next week’s show)

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