Never Won An Oscar | Dorky Geeky Nerdy Minisode #1

Hey gang. Welcome to our first minisode! Minisodes are quick, 10-question episodes that I’m dropping in as bonus content. The first few will go out to everyone, but eventually these will become extras for supporters of the show.

What can you expect from minisodes? Well, think of them as quick fixes of fun trivia a lot like a single category in Jeopardy. For example, this episode features ten actors and actresses that never won an Academy Award. I’m not including honorary Oscars for lifetime achievement and stuff like that. And, these are all actors that have passed away.

Got it? Let’s go.

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4 replies on “Never Won An Oscar | Dorky Geeky Nerdy Minisode #1”

  1. Bonus Trivia? Sweet!

    My score: A yawning v0id, much like my knowledge of these actors. I only even had one guess during the questions. This was my absolute worst performance for any trivia challenge.

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