Demon Movie Trivia

Is there anyone in there with you? Maybe splash a little holy water around just to be sure because this week, for episode 246 of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Podcast, we’ve got Demon Movie Trivia.

Even more so than Slasher Movie Trivia last week, the edges for this subgenre are a bit fuzzy. I’m including movies with demons, demonic possessions and even the Devil himself.

If you want to send me feedback on this one, especially if you have strong opinions on something I included or excluded, let me know on social media or on Spotify. Every week I have a Q&A section and a poll, so let your voice be heard.

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Let me make sure I’ve got the Latin pronunciations correct and let’s get started.

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One reply

  1. Oooooh, demons! I love demons!

    Dorky – 7 points, 7 correct – Oh, starting off with the most obvious answers first, I see. I actually saw a lot of these.
    Geeky – 10 points, 5 correct –
    Nerdy – 9 points, 3 correct – I saw two of these, but different than the ones I got. I get names confused. Oops.

    I guess I have seen more than I expected. Nice!

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