Ghost Movie Trivia

Things are going bump in the night here at the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast. For episode 247 of the show, I’ve got Ghost Movie Trivia.

Once again, the edges are blurry on the subgenre, but I think I got it dialed in. If you disagree, I’m sure you’ll let me know on, social media, or Spotify.

Ring the bell and knock thrice because it’s trivia time.

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  1. Ghosts!

    Dorky – 8 points, 8 correct – I was very happy I knew that first one! 😆 Then you said the answer and it was the other movie from that year that I always confuse for each other. 🙁
    Geeky – 12 points, 6 correct –
    Nerdy – 3 points, 1 correct – Horror movie set entirely on computer screens? “Learning Javascript, Vol. 2”

    Next week’s theme is “People Before Coffee”

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