Santa Claus Trivia

‘Tis the season for trivia! Today is the Feast of St. Nicholas, the inspiration for a certain Christmas figure. So, we’re going to have some Santa Claus Trivia for episode 254 of the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast.

That right, jolly old elf hasn’t had an episode of his own yet, so here are thirty trivia questions about him, his history, and the movies that feature him.

Let me know on social media or Spotify what your favorite incarnation of Santa is. And with that, let’s dive into the show.

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  1. My wife is a huge Santa fan, and I use him as an example of philosophical debate: “Is Santa real?” Well, we are talking about him, so clearly there exists a thing, or we wouldn’t all have the same concept of that thing. Spider-Man made billions of dollars last year, that seems pretty real, and I bet a lot less people have things that Spider-Man gave them than Santa.

    …but we aren’t here for platonic discourse, we’re here for Trivia!

    Dorky – 9 correct, 9 points – I got the country
    Geeky – 7 correct, 14 points – Santa has a cookie preference? This is news to me.
    Nerdy – 4 correct, 12 points – I should have gotten the Origin story question, we watch it a bunch, but I was confused because JK isn’t the star. – I screwed up the author! I knew it, I listened to Blaine read it, and said the wrong one. (I need more coffee!!)

    Bonus, I got my wife to play along!

    Dorky – 9 correct, 9 points – She got the stop motion!
    Geeky – 4 correct, 8 points –
    Nerdy – 1 correct, 3 points –

    I should have done better, I knew answers I got wrong.

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