Whedon’Verse at MegaCon

We had an anonymous submission detailing the presence
of Whedon-type materials at MegaCon. The full press
release is below. (We don’t have a generic “Whedon”
category, so I put it under his latest work.)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Joss Whedon Track featured at MegaCon 2006

Orlando, FL (February 8, 2006) For the first time in
Central Florida, the Joss Whedon Universe (or,
“Whedon’Verse” as the fans call it) will have a strong
presence at a comic book convention thanks to one fan,
Jason Dorough. “Usually you can only find them in
small gatherings at conventions here and there,”
comments panelist Stephanie Pando, “but now there’s an
opportunity for die-hard and casual fans alike to
really come together and participate in some wonderful
events.” From episode screenings and panels with
celebrity guests to a “Whedon’Verse” costume contest,
MegaCon will have it all.

Though he got his start after college as a staff
writer for “Roseanne,” Joss Whedon’s real break-out
began with the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” television
series in 1997. The fan-base grew to astronomical
numbers quickly. Born from the success of “Buffy” Joss
started a spin-off series “Angel” and a new creation
“Firefly.” “Though “Firefly” didn’t have as long a run
as Whedon’s other work, the show was just as much as a
hit with the fans” said MegaCon Whedon’Verse
Coordinator Jason Dorough. “It’s the love and support
of the fans that made the film “Serenity” possible.”
People with questions about the Whedon’Verse at
MegaCon can email Jason at [email protected]

About the convention
MegaCon returns to the Orange County Convention Center
for its 2006 event Friday, February 24th through
Sunday, February 26th. This convention features comic
books, toys and collectables, celebrity guests, events
and contests. For more information, visit their
website: http://www.megaconvention.com/