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  1. Maybe
    I’ll spoiler it in case somebody is DVRing or watching online:

    The writers seemed to attempt to humanize Olivia’s character by having her use an ex-boyfriend in Germany to get to the bad guys. However, I’m still having issues with Anna Torv’s acting ability.

    Also, I’m not a medical doctor, but shouldn’t the FBI guy with the parasite have bled to death or died of infection if they kept his chest cracked open so they could watch the parasite?

    • Re: Maybe
      About that second part…

      They did keep him in a plastic bubble for the time he was there… that was enough for me to suspend my disbelief for THAT one.

      but on the first point… I’m right there with you.

    • Re: Maybe
      I think Torv’s acting ability is the second-worst part about this show. The writing has to be first.
      But John Noble still cracks me up: He called Astrid ‘Asteroid’ this time. So close!!!

      • Re: Maybe
        Torv is the example networks screwing up shows. I’m willing to bet that the producers wanted someone more Gillian Anderson like, but the powers that be wanted eye candy…. It could be worse I read that the network wanted Pamela Anderson for Scully.

        I love the good Doctor. He and his son have such chemistry on screen. Plus the timing of some of his remarks. I nearly busted a gut with his latest managling of Astrid’s name. Come to think of it more Astrid less Olivia… Also they seem to have abandoned the whole Mad Scientist who’s work on everything.

        PS- I really didn’t buy the relationship between Olivia and the guest star. I initially thought maybe he was her exhusband, former abusive boyfriend, estranged sibling…. It’s either horrible acting, or horrible directing. Maybe both.

      • Re: Maybe
        "Could I get some of this onion soup? It looks delicious."

        That has to be one of the best lines of the show.

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