Trailer Park Tuesday: April 28, 2009

If you’re into the new Wolverine movie due out on Friday, I just killed your productivity today.



H2: Halloween 2

Star Trek

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

2 replies on “Trailer Park Tuesday: April 28, 2009”

  1. Holy Wolverine Trailers, Batman!

    I want to see the movie, but my wife didn’t share that opinion — until she watched a few trailers and found out who all was in it. In that light, I’m sort of wondering who the target audience is for this… Comic book fans, action movie fans, or women who will go to drool over the guys in it.

    Incidentally, for her, Liev Schreiber and Ryan Reynolds were what convinced her. She had no idea Ryan Reynolds was even in the movie until a promo on TV last night. She was also definitely not happy that they recast Scott Summers, even if it is supposed to be a younger version.

  2. I am somewhat disappointed by the lack of Wade Wilson killing people while singing “Barbie Girl” (or lining up a sniper shot while singing “Barbie Girl”) but we’re getting a spinoff movie for the character so we may get that covered then.

    Now, Gambit is looking something like a bad guy here, and in the comics he is currently a bad guy (being involved with the Marauders again), but I kind of hope they set him up as a good guy here, or potentially becoming a good guy here, being that Gambit was one of my favorite characters from the animated series. I don’t like the hat that much, by the way.

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