Heroes: “An Invisible Thread”

In a development that surprises nobody, Sylar survives his apparent death, and Nathan tries to keep him from meeting President Worf . Meanwhile, Hiro regains his powers, but he can only use them at a serious cost, and the episode ends with a not entirely surprising twist that, given the series history, need not really mean anything.

Most shocking….

…to me is that they still use the ponderous, intrusive voiceover.

But we have a range of opinions at the Bureau. Who thinks Heroes should have another season? Who would write a letter supporting another season if it is canceled? Who won’t bother watching? Who actively feels it should go, now?

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  1. I was done with Heroes 3 episodes into this season. No amount of lipstick on this pig will make it beautiful enough for me to kiss it again.

  2. WTF? WTF? WTF?
    These writers are killing me. I’m beginning to believe that the characters aren’t stupid, it’s just the writers.
    Where to begin?
    Why is it that Clair’s blood can bring her adopted father back to life but not her real dad?
    Why on Earth would Mrs. Patrelli want Sylar to impersonate Nathan? That seemed totally out of character for her and Noah.
    What exactly happened to Sylar when he shook Worf’s hand? At first I though Worf had the power to take people’s power, or at least disrupt them. Which would have actually been really cool.
    Hiro’s problem makes no sense. He’s the only one who has physical repercussions from using his powers?

    I wonder if the writers spent all their brain power on the middle of the season and had nothing left for the finally. Someone needs to tell them that the BSG style of writing yourself into a corner and seeing if you can writer your way out of it only works if you are as good as the writers on BSG.

    • I was asking myself the same question about Claire’s blood. Perhaps he was dead too long? No idea.

      They wanted Sylar to impersonate Nathan because if word got out that Nathan was murdered by someone “special” the situation would have gotten very, very bad for them. It was more of a CYA maneuver.

      Hiro had physical problems, perhaps, because his was the only power regained from contact with baby Parkman, and not from the Serum/Chemical X/Promicin/Eclipse-fu/whatever.

      The finale was ok, but left me unsatisfied. There are some interesting ways that this show could go, but it seems like they find the weakest paths.

      I’d much rather see Chuck continue on than this show. Especially after last night’s finale (on both counts. Chuck had a very strong finale, IMHO, and Heroes was so-so).

      • HRG was dead for quite a while. They hauled his corpse back to Primatech before they used her blood on him.

        And I agree about Chuck. I was trying to figure out, based on the penultimate episode, if they were ending the series, but they managed to set up some interesting stuff in the finale. I wonder if they’ll be able to keep the same flavor the first two seasons, but I’m actually eager to see the next season and find out.

        • While I am extremely interested in what will happen next season on Chuck, they did a very good job of wrapping up the most interesting open story lines, and they left other minor sub-plots open ended but not unresolved in a way that left me feeling unfulfilled. It made for a great season or series finale, but I would still be disappointed if it wasn’t picked up for next year.

  3. I gave up on Heroes at the end of last season (or “Volume”). I can tell you the exact moment: Hiro has this big moment with his mom and she had just given him his memory and powers back and made him the catalyst. (Never mind the huge time-travel paradox this creates, since Claire now no longer was ever the catalyst, so wouldn’t have been put under HRG’s protection as an infant and would not be the same person at all.)

    Arthur appears. Great, confrontation time! Nope. Hiro pretty much stands there and lets Arthur take it from him. That was the moment that the series broke my heart.

    • Last season was full of setups that never went anywhere. Another example: Peter learns Sylar’s power so he can understand how to avert this future, and gets his hunger with it. Ok, interesting idea. Peter kills future Nathan, travels back, almost carves up his mom, goes to confront his dad, and his powers get taken away. Dead subplot. Does his dad get the ability to see how things work, or Sylar’s hunger, throwing off his plans? Nope, he just gets every other power Peter had.

      I gave up on the show after the current season premier, so yeah, not rooting for it to continue.

    • Even without the catalyst, Claire is still very special and needed protection. HRG would still be the right choice for that job.

      I agree though that the Hiro/catalyst plot ended too abruptly; that’s been the main issue I have had with this year’s run. Too much setup for too little pay-off.

  4. Why couldn’t they simply have written a fun battle-royal sequence and ended this ridiculous storyline once and for all? The writers from this show should take some lessons from the superior writers over at the WWE.

    • The writers from this show should take some lessons from the superior writers over at the WWE.


      I had been one of the first to hop off the Heroes bandwagon around here, but even I didn’t realize the depths of my contempt for this show until I realzed that I actually do, honestly, agree with your last statement.

      just wow.

  5. Two big crap moments for me were:

    Why did the big brawl between Sylar, Nathan and Peter happen behind closed doors? Shouldn’t we have been allowed to see that!?!!? But no, we get Claire’s eye in the space between the doors with a bright light shining on it.

    And why on earth didn’t they have PETER PRETEND TO BE NATHAN!?!? He absorbed Sylar’s powers. That would make too much sense I guess.

    • Looked to me like the budget went dry for SFX, so they had to improvise. :-)

      As per your second question, I asked the same thing. I can see why they would have done it the way they did, but not when there was a better option available.

    • Sometimes things are best left to the imagination; I had more fun filling in this particular blank rather than having them chew up time showing it.

      Your second bit doesn’t track with the story; Peter and Claire took off unaware that Nathan was dead. Sylar could still mimic Nathan; all they knew was that Sylar was going to try to shake the President’s hand. Given that, the best move was to mimic the President. Peter would just have to wait until he could feel a power to absorb, and he knew he had ahold of Sylar. Peter mimicing Nathan would just tip Sylar off to the ruse..

      • I think what Abednigo meant was “why didn’t they have Peter pretend to be Nathan at the end instead of brainwashing Sylar to think he was Nathan?

        • Ah… well, to answer that particular concern Peter couldn’t absorb Nathan’s memories or read them off Nathan’s possessions. It would be difficult to keep up the charade when you can’t reasonably fool those close to you outside of the family. And more importantly, this is the sort of harebrained scheme Peter would disapprove of. They would never get him to agree to it; he’d make that frowny face and get on the moral high horse.

          Overall, I’m sure Adrian Pasdar is happy they didn’t permanently kill his character off.

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