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  1. I can see why SyFy canceled it. The story line(s) got weaker and weaker after they destroyed the Zoe-Cylon at the end of the first half of the first season.

    They should have dropped the whole mono-theist and STO story line and concentrated on the development of the Cylons instead. Also, the rise of Bill Adama from gangster lawyer’s son to the leader of the remaining humans kind of got tossed aside for the story line concentrating on the terrorist angle.

  2. Frak indeed. TV networks really need to get their stuff together when it comes to figuring out ratings in the digital age. There are a lot of good shows getting killed because the ratings don’t meet the expectations of someone who’s used to a 4 share being a bad number.

    Get your online presence figured out, networks. Embrace Apple and Google TV, allow your programs to stream out to whomever wants to see them, give your advertisers something of value. Because life as it is, is only leading one way: down.

  3. I felt that there were too many uneven threads to the story. Some interesting, some not so, but we had no coherent theme.

    The religious struggle was kinda interesting, the VR/robot stuff most fun, but I could do without the “Sopranos in Space”.

    BSG, on the other hand, had a basic coherent theme, with lots of threads. We could see the “tapestry” as well as the detail. Caprica had no overarching theme, that I could see, so I couldn’t tell how the uninteresting threads were relevant.

    BSG: Blood & Chrome sounds better from just the title alone.

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