Stargate Universe Cancelled

SyFy just tweeted (twittered?) that this current season of SGU will be its last. The Stargate franchise has been airing on SyFy (well it was Sci-Fi back then) since 2002.

I’ll have to do that math, is Stargate the longest running franchise? The original Stargate show holds the record for longest running Sci-Fi series, but I don’t know if the three series add up to more than Star Trek’s 28 seasons. I don’t think so, but it’s still a good long legacy that I know a lot of fans will be very sad to see go.

How about you? Going to miss it? Time for it to go? Never saw it?

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  1. No, I think this is only 17: SG1 was 10, Atlantis was 5, and SGU was 2, IIRC. Count the animated and it’s 18, but Star Trek hits 30 with animated included, so it’s still nothing there. Star Trek holds the U.S. record, but Doctor Who is miles ahead for worldwide numbers.

  2. so….my wife & I were pretty heavily into SG1 & SG:A….but SG:U lost us after about 4-5 eps. no idea why…and I kept hoping someone would say “it’s good now! watch it!”
    but it was full of characters that were unlikeable, the whole “they’re cut off completely!” dynamic was constantly sabotaged by the stupid consciousness transfer device…etc. etc. etc.

    oh, and the “there’s a huge mystery! but we’re not going to tell you anything about it, except that it’s mysteeeeeerious!” thing. that gets old REAL fast.

    so am I disappointed stargate is over over? yes.
    am I disappointed SG:U is gone? not really, no.

    • I agree it was like this at the start (and I almost stopped watching as a result) but later in the first season, and particularly in this season, the whole cast got a lot more likeable.

      I’ve actually really enjoyed the show this season and am really disappointed to hear they got cancelled. It’s too bad they started with the BSG template of unlikable characters.

  3. I have to agree. I didn’t find a single, likable character in that whole series. Sad way to end a terrific franchise.

  4. This is great! For years when people who aren’t fans have looked at science fiction they have been presented with utter rubbish like Stargate/trek. No wonder they think science fiction fans are strange. I’d rather let sci-fi return to being a purely literary genre if TV attempts are always going to be this bad.

  5. hm…maybe I’ll give the netflix streaming episodes a shot, then. my wife was the primary deciding factor in not watching. when she’s pushing to see the latest doctor who or BSG or what have you, I don’t have much of a leg to stand on when she decides a particular show isn’t worth the time.
    it was especially the case as she was such a die-hard SG1 fan.

  6. I know I’m in the minority but I can’t stand any of the TV show spinoffs of the original film… They cancelled Farscape for this cheaper to produce show. I’d throw all of Stargate away for another season of Farscape. But that’s my opinion and probably won’t be shared…

  7. Well, that’s pretty much the last show I watch on Sky. I can cancel my subscription now. Thanks Sci-Fi! .. er,, scyyfyyee, or whatever they’re called today.

    I’ve really enjoyed the second series so far, they seem to addressed most of the issues that made the first series a bit.. meh.

  8. I’m not sad to see this go. The writing was horrible. Each episode was just one long string of random emergencies and magical solutions. When you could see them coming it was predictable and boring, when you couldn’t it was random and stupid. Atlantis had the same problem.

    Agreed on the Farscape comment…I’d take that any day over this.

  9. I’ve been watching the cancelling that’s been happening on SyFy (god, that hurts to type), and it seems that the current runners of that channel are getting rid of anything related to the old SciFi channel. I’d bet they don’t have rights to the series that they’re canceling. And this is just another step into turning the channel into NBC:Reality. :(

    Throw in a third vote for Farscape as well!

  10. I’m of the opinion (like others here) that although it’s disappointing to no longer have Stargate on the air, SGU is not a terrible loss.

    It’s like coming off of TNG and DS9 and getting stuck with Enterprise all over again. Sure, the franchise lives on, but at what cost?

    I love SG-1, and I liked SG:A, but SGU never did grab me the same way. It was “ok” but never compelling enough that I went out of my way to watch it first when other things were on the TiVo waiting.

  11. I enjoyed it. :/

    While it wasn’t as light as the other SG series, I found it attractive *because of* its darkness. I’ve become a fan of SG:1 *because of* Universe. Universe got me interested enough to give SG:1 another chance.

    I didn’t like all of the characters on SGU, but I never felt I was supposed to. I felt the cast was extraordinary.

    At least for me once again, Syffy shows why it needs WWE to come in and rescue it from ratings oblivion. We get WWE twice a week, and C-grade pabulum for two hours every Saturday night. When Syffy gets a really good show (Universe is OK, but I admit it’s far from great), it gets moved around, goes on “mid season hiaitus” for a year and a half, and when they’ve managed to kill any interest in it, it gets cancelled.

    I feel like someone has no clue how to run a network.


    • I feel like someone has no clue how to run a network.

      I agree. They got into the habit of doing “half seasons” in Winter/Summer when other shows were in repeats, and then they took it in the wrong direction. SyFy and USA are both owned by NBC, so it’s no surprise that the split happens there as well. The worst is when SyFy started releasing these half seasons on DVD on their own instead of full season sets (which they seem to have stopped doing again)

      USA seems to have no trouble keeping good shows going indefinitely though using the same pattern (Psych, Burn Notice, White Collar, formerly Monk, etc) but perhaps because they haven’t done quite the same level of tweaking that SyFy did, though they both shuffled the nights of shows around this past year.

      The only shows left on SyFy that I watch now are Eureka and Haven, though the latter just started over the summer and who knows if it will survive either.

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