Academy Award Results – From a Genre Perspective

No real surprises last night as genre films were pretty snubbed for the big awards at the nomination level. Here are few of “our kind” of movies that did walk home with some Oscar Gold.

Alice in Wonderland: Best Costume Design, Best Art Direction

Inception: Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Cinematography

Toy Story 3: Best Animated Feature, Best Original Song,

The Wolfman: Best Makeup

7 replies on “Academy Award Results – From a Genre Perspective”

  1. Personal Highlight: Aaron Sorkin winning an Oscar. The man’s a freaking genius.
    Personal Disappointment: “How to Train Your Dragon” losing in the two categories it was nominated for. I really liked Toy Story 3, but “Dragon” was just amazing. Also the score is fantastic and matched the film beautifully.

  2. While I really The King’s Speech, I still have a hard time with it wining Best Original Screenplay over Inception, since the former is based on a true story.

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