A thirteen-year-old makes a breakthrough in solar power– or maybe he hasn’t. Plus Robo-Tweets from Outer Space, Robo-Puzzler from earth, hard discoveries about an alien world, current thoughts on dreaming, a newly-discovered supernova, and more.

As you may have already read, a thirteen-year-old has found a way to improve solar panel arrays– by imitating a familiar form found in nature.

Then again, maybe he hasn’t.

In addition to its Space Hotel plans, Orbital Technologies also has its sites set on Mars– though they’re providing few specifics.

We’ve found the closest supernova of this generation.

We’ve learned the origin of most meteorites that strike earth.

We may have discovered a diamond world.

We’re receiving Robo-Tweets from Outer Space.

Just for fun: Hopewell Studios has given us a chance to play Where’s Wall-E?

Dreams came up in discussion at the Bureau this week, so here’s some current thoughts and research about dreams, and here’s the usual accompaniment.

And, since people seem to like video, here’s some Rolling Robots Summer Camp kids showing off their creations:

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  1. Even if that kid’s experiment didnt improve solar arrays, give him credit. There’s some good thinking that went into that experiment.

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