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Firefly: “Heart of Gold”

A brothel on yet another goram rock in space is in a heap o’ trouble, and Mal and the crew ride on in to help’em out. This is the last of the so-called “lost” episodes of Firefly, not broadcast in the show’s original run. Not since “The Train Job” has the show taken its western elements so literally and, while its not the strongest episode, it works a lot better than that Fox-ordered second pilot. If you missed it on Space, you can find it on the DVD.

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Knew this kid awhile back, at the end of the last century. Since then, he’s joined the rest of us (ok, some of us) in the working world but, turns out, he’s also been doing webcomix under the handle “Tailsteak.” Most of these include at least some genre element….

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CFQ To Publish Firefly Episode Guide

rickyjames writes, CFQ magazine (formerly known as Cinefantastique) is going to print a Firefly episode guide in an upcoming issue; watch your local newsstand! Their various sci-fi series ep guides and ratings are widely viewed as an industry-standard; the fact they are doing one on Firefly is a great thing. In the meantime, the article text is going up in serialized format here.

Firefly: “Trash.”

Unlike the other writers at Bureau42, I missed Firefly in its original, aborted run. Space started running the episodes in their intended order, and I caught the bug. This week, that run has reached the first of the three “lost” episodes, unaired by Fox. I reckon they’ll be on the forthcoming DVD.

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This year, Neil Gaiman’s Coraline won the Hugo for Best Novella and the Locus for Best Young Adult Novel. Having already written novels, stories, screenplays, poems, and comic books, he decided to tackle a children’s novel. It’s a very creepy children’s novel– and it’s very, very good.

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