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The Vampire Tapestry

Suzy McKee Charnas’s The Vampire Tapestry features a bloodsucker unlike any other in fiction. He has a mosquitoesque device in his tongue, instead of fangs. He appears to be very long-lived, though he recalls little of his past lives and knows nothing of his origins.

He also meets some unusual humans in this 1980 novel, comprised of related novellas.

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Red Mars

“Mars was empty before we came. That’s not to say that nothing had ever happened….”

Can it be? Bureau42 has never reviewed the SF novel of the 1990s?

If you haven’t read Red Mars, the first of Kim Stanley Robinson’s celebrated Mars trilogy, go out and buy it now. Because it begins in years most of us should live to see, it will become dated in our lifetime. Right now, especially right now, we can believe it will happen.

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Daddy smells like waffles.
–a chicken, legally adopted by Mr. Mxyzptlk

“Indie comics luminaries Carol Lay, (Story Minute), Evan Dorkin (Milk and Cheese), and Dylan Horrocks (Hicksville) take on the overly-familiar likes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in the same way that the late-80s hip-hoppers like Public Enemy, De La Soul and Eric B. and Rakim cribbed beats from their parents’ record collections.”
Baltimore City Paper.

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