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Eddie Berganza: Does a Creator’s Personal Conduct Impact Your Decision to Consume His/Her Work?

There is debate about whether or not a creator’s private life should have anything to do with whether or not consumers choose to buy his or her products has been going on a while. I know where I stand, but in light of recent announcements, I’ve been thinking about that a lot in the past couple of days. Where do you stand?

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Who is Stan Lee in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Sure, Stan the Man has been appearing in Marvel Movies (and, occasionally, comic books) for years, even making a passing appearance as a jury foreman in 1989’s made-for-tv flick, The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. The successful twenty-first century cinematic universe has given Lee his best appearances, however, as a World War II General, a modern-day Smithsonian security guard, and some guy with a truck in Thor. He even shows up in space in The Guardians of the Galaxy. We know it’s Stan Lee, of course, making amusing Easter Egg cameos. But, given that these movies and TV shows depict an interconnected universe, who is Stan in that reality? Is he an Elder of the Universe? A disguised Watcher? Do clones of one man exist for some sinister purpose? Come on, you obsessively-theorizing nerds!

Who is Mr. Lee?