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Warner Bros. Announces “LEGO Justice League”

Warner Bros. and DC released a joint press release:

Based on the popularity of The Lego Movie, and in particular the audience response to the depiction of Batman in that film, all future adaptations of DC works, including the upcoming Justice League film, will feature the iconic DC comics superheroes and villains as Lego characters. As part of this initiative, the next season of the hit WB television series Arrow will be the first to be Lego-ified. DC will also be rolling out a Lego DC Heroes comic line for younger readers.

Warner Brothers has released a proof-of-concept trailer, which can be viewed here.


The Olympics may be getting most of the sports coverage—but can luge compare with…

Robot Soccer from Japan?

Maybe Back to the Future won’t land too far off the mark

I always feel like this should be bigger news, but it will remain just another Newspace for awhile longer. In any case, scientists at the Nuclear Ignition Facility in California have taken another tiny step towards the fusion reactor.

In a related story, Space Precinct might return

NASA has apparently solved the puzzle of the jelly doughnut rock on Mars.

The other announcement that surprised nobody

Toxic chemicals may be responsible for increased rates of neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

The more-publicized announcement, Reject Superheroes, and Cosplay, below.

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Movie Review: Blue is the Warmest Colour

This film garnered the prestigious Palme D’Or at Cannes, for both the director and its lead performers, and has taken accolades around the world. Spielberg calls it “magnificent.” Blue is the Warmest Colour also has stirred controversy regarding certain scenes and the actresses’ public statements about them. In short, this is hot topic in cinema, 2013.

And, since it’s based on a graphic novel and even contains special effects, we’re going to review it here.

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Comic Book Podcast Pilot Season: Episode 13: Character Compare and Contrast #2: Green Lantern vs. Nova

Comic Book Podcast Pilot Season continues. From today until December 7, we will run one podcast a day, covering the first two episodes each of 7 different potential podcasts. At the end of the two weeks, listeners and readers will be able to vote on the podcast that continues beyond the pilot season. Today’s podcast is the second entry in the Character Compare and Contrast series, and I take a look at the Hal Jordan Green Lantern and the Richard Rider Nova. For the full schedule, keep reading.

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Site rollback to yesterday afternoon

Due to my own cartoonish ham-handed-ness in accidentally erasing the site’s content directory and database, I’ve had to restore the site from a backup taken yesterday. Any comments posted since then are probably lost forever, and will be replaced by comments on this post about how silly David is for doing such a thing.

Halloween Podcast – “Alien (1979)”

This is the first of five weekly podcasts discussing horror movies for the Halloween season. All will contain spoilers. This week it’s Alien (1979), followed next week by Aliens (1986), then Frankenstein (1931), Lifeforce (1985) and finally The Thing (1982) on October 31. All five films were contenders in our recent Greatest Science Fiction Films Tournament.

Mwahaha! But we’ll also have our annual print reviews of scaaaaaaaaaaary, suspenseful, and Fall-friendly films, including:

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