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Crisis on Infinite TV Shows: Our Crisis Reviews Begin.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths comes to DC-TV starting tonight, with Supergirl. We’ll have reviews—and we have an overview.

Lex Pendragon: On the CW, five shows are combining their audiences into one super crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Based (at least loosely) on the DC comics event Crisis on Infinite Earths, the comics story that took the various Earths and different continuities and eventually combined the multiverse down to a single continuity. The Multiverse option was appealing to the showrunners, who embraced it to allow a crossover between Supergirl on CBS and The Flash on the CW. The shows loved to exploit this, giving us Flash hopping between universes regularly, using it for further crossovers, and eventually even referencing past shows such as the 90s Flash and Constantine (from NBC), who eventually joined Legends of Tomorrow.

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Graphic Novel Review: Pumpkinheads

“…friends don’t let friends lead small lives.”

Somewhere in the American heartland stands the Pumpkin Patch or, more specifically, DeKnock’s World Famous Pumpkin Patch & Autumn Jamboree, a fall tradition consisting of a corn maze, haunted house, mini-train, petting zoo, and other attractions, and a lot of home-made snack food. And every year, rural high schoolers Josiah and Deja work the Succotash Hut, while Josiah moons over the hot girl who works at the Fudge Shoppe. They’re seniors now, and on their final night, Deja convinces Josie to finally talk to the Fudge Girl, while they take the chance to enjoy the Patch’s homespun attractions for once. In this YA graphic novel by Rainbow Rowell (author of YA novels and Marvel’s Runaways) and Faith Erin Hicks (Eisner-winning graphic novelist), that decision will lead them into a series of goofball misadventures and, of course, a life-changing realization.

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Disney announces a full slate of Marvel TV Shows:

In addition to the previously-mentioned Vision/Scarlet Witch series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and Loki shows for 2020 and 2021 (depending), Disney also plans shows for Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and the She-Hulk! In addition to these shows, which will connect with the MCU, expect new animated series, like What If…

Further information may be found here, or by Googling, “Marvel fanboys and fangirls lose their…”

Who should play the still-uncast roles? And what other Marvel character should get a series?

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The Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel made several announcements at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend regarding the next phase of things. Obviously, Spider-man will continue to swing around the MCU, but we’re also getting the Black Widow movie (May 1, 2020), an unidentified movie later in fall, The Eternals (November 2020) Shang-chi (Feb. 12, 2021), with the actual ringed Mandarin opposing Canadian actor Simu Liu as the Master of Kung-Fu (February 2021), the next Doctor Strange film (May 2021), a new Thor film (November 2021) that will reportedly feature Natalie Portman rejoining Chris Helmsworth to become the female Thor, and the previously announced Scarlet Witch/Vision, Falcon/Winter Soldier, and Loki series all appearing in 2021.

They’ve also confirmed we’ll see a new Blade, sequels to Captain Marvel, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy, and an MCU Fantastic Four. They just don’t have dates yet for these blockbusters.

What do you want to see from the next phase?

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Comic Review: Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles

A bit of a retro-review here, tying into the recent Dorky/Geeky/Nerdy Podcast:

DC has certainly tried to profit from the Hanna-Barbera characters, though only Scooby-Doo retains cultural cachet. One of the more interesting results: a GLAAD Media Award-winning limited series/graphic novel from 2018 that reinvents Snagglepuss as a closeted gay playwright1 fighting conformity in an alternate 1950s2 America where anthropomorphic animals and humans co-exist. The Puss proves the darling of talk shows, makes the social scene with his beard wife, hangs with fellow author Huckleberry Hound, mentors Augie Doggie, runs cover for Marilyn Monroe, testifies before the House Un-American Activities Committee– and slips away to see his human paramour at the Stonewall Inn.

No, I am not hallucinating. This 2018 graphic is an actual thing, and it’s surprisingly good.

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Free Comic Book Day!

I missed the event last year, but took part locally yesterday and made a little video:

Who else took part? What was it like where you live? What were your favorite picks?

We’re down one comic shop, and construction has ripped apart downtown, but our local event rocked.

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