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Continuum Review: “Minute by Minute”

Continuum returned Sunday night (in Canada—it will be arriving onscreen elsewhere very soon). “Minute by Minute,” available to many of you in its entirety, here, answers questions from last season’s cliffhanger finale and, of course, gives the show another new direction. However, I’m confident the people making this show know what they’re doing. The characters, of course, may not have a clue.

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Continuum Discussion: “Second Guess”

No review this week but, hopefully, a discussion (reviews will return next episode). The spectre of the “missing” Gardiner looms, as Vancouver experiences massive cyber-attacks, we learn much more about Theseus, a major Liber8 figure gets captured, and Emily takes some action… we’re just not certain what.

Some puppet-mastering forces a showdown between Travis Verta and Sonya Valentine, with the startling result….

If you participate, be warned:  It’s impossible to discuss the episode without spoiling the plot.

Continuum Discussion: “Second Degree”

A strong ep this week, but I’m busy, so we’re going to go with discussion only. Reviews will return next time.

“Second Degree” shows us judgments on two versions of Julian, information on rival conspiracies, and the unsolved theft of a grave. We see how Kiera Cameron and Carlos work together now that he knows her secrets, and we get to watch both Kiera and Alec’s new girlfriend (Magda Apanowicz) kick butt.

What did everyone think? And what labyrinthine path will lead Julian to become the feared Theseus?

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