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Gotham Discussion: “Harvey Dent”

Selina sleeps over at Wayne Manor, Harvey Dent shows early signs of cracking, the Penguin continues to be evil, and an explosive plot exploits the least intelligent jail guards in history. It’s another episode of Gotham, the city where they ship the criminally insane to an aging haunted house for treatment, and the episode ends with cheap exploitation.

A new character named “Lovecraft” casts a shadow over the episode.

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Gotham Discussion: “Arkham”

This week brought our first view of Gotham‘s Arkham Asylum, a murder weapon that appears in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma (no, really), and bad mob clichés. We also see Fish Mooney sexually harass a singer and the Penguin begin his waddle up the underworld ladder.

Any thoughts?

TV Review: Gotham, “Pilot”

The Wayne Family head down that dark alley once more, as Gotham gives us Year One for James Gordon and the origins of the Penguin, in the tale of an honest cop and his corrupt partner against the world. As with most DC media productions, it has no narrative connection to any other DC production.1

Holy Bat-Easter Eggs!

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