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Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2020 December 13

Our patience is rewarded!  This week, we get the return of Pennyworth with his second season to watch the Wayne’s butler learn the benefits of being stately.  Also, the Belters return for (possibly?) their penultimate season, as the Belt goes to war with the Inners.  The Expanse, which might be some of the best true Sci-Fi on TV joins the other two finest space shows, with the Discovery giving us the second half of a romp into the Mirror universe, and the season finale of The Mandalorian, as he, Boba Fett, and Agent May attempt to retrieve The Child.  Before all that, however, X-23 Lyra and Will ramps up towards its finale.

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The Expanse is getting a sixth and final season

So good news/bad news.

There will be a sixth season of the series, presumably covering the events in Babylon’s Ashes. However, this will end the TV series (the books have three more in the series).

It’s sad, but at least they have a set stopping point, rather than getting cut off mid-story. Book six has a clean(ish) stopping point (the books are basically three arcs tied together in nine books).

Honestly, I was wondering how they were going to handle the time jump at the start of Persepolis Rising. Maybe in 20 years we’ll get three more seasons of the show.

The Expanse Discussion: “Pyre”

The protomolecule still exists, Fred Jones is losing control, and a new character joins the team. His dark past we see beginning with his first appearance.

We’ve upgraded to two more reviews of the continuity-heavy series, one next week and another at season’s end.