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Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament Week 25: Beginning of Round 2

UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, the brackets had errors which have now been corrected. You can vote properly here. This bracket will stay open for next week to make sure everyone has a chance to vote properly. Sorry about this, everyone!

Initial placements are in, and we are ready to start the head-to-head competitions. You can vote for the first time here. You can preview the brackets here.

Pick Blaine’s next video game review

I enjoy gaming, but I don’t have a lot of time for console games these days. If I plan to review something, I’m more motivated to make the time to spend on it, so I’m opening up voting so our readers can decide what I will review next. I do most of my gaming on my iPad mini, and for this, I’m focused on the “buy once, own the whole thing, one player RPG” style of gaming. (I still play games like Final Fantasy: Record Keeper every day, but I want to review an entire game, so I want to stick to complete ones, and ones where I don’t miss out on something if I have to set it aside for a week.) The actual voting takes place here, and the weighting of the votes will be explained below.

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