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Countdown to Infinite Crisis

Identity Crisis revealed some shocking, but entirely plausible, secrets of some top-name DC heroes, secrets which actually made sense of issues raised by past stories. The series cast shadows over DC history.

Countdown to Infinite Crisis, an expensively-produced but inexpensively-priced comic ($1.00 U.S. for 80 pages!) picks up from that story, and functions as a prologue to several comic series that will shake up the DC Universe further, a kind of Crisis on Infinite Earths for the 2000s.

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The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis II

Awhile back, Bongo comics brought the characters from Futurama into the world of The Simpsons with the parodically-titled Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis. In 2005, they collide these two worlds once more– and throw in unlicensed appearances by numerous characters from literature, and superheroes from DC and Marvel comics.

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Dimensions in Time

As part of the countdown to the rebooted and (better-budgeted) Doctor Who series, I’m reviewing this little-seen (outside of the UK) 1993 3-D special that features five versions of the Doctor and several series characters rubbing shoulders with characters from The Eastenders. This most bizarre of Brit crossovers was made as part of a Children in Need charity special.

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The Night Stalker

The now unbelievably cheesey Night Stalker (1972) was, for a time, the top-rated made-for-tv movie, with its tale of a wiseass reporter chasing down a vampire in Las Vegas. It birthed a series, which and others report will soon be remade, with Stuart Townsend as Kolchak. Frank Spotnitz, of The X-Files fame, will produce.