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Sasquan Report

Sasquan was my first Worldcon, which I was pleased to be able to attend, as the convention was in – not exactly my back yard, but fairly close (within a 5 hour drive). This year’s con, has, quite possibly, the most drama pre-WorldCon in a long time. When I drove there, I also got a taste of the other major factor that marks this WorldCon – the smoke. Right now, much eastern Washington state and part of eastern Oregon are currently on fire. This meant that the drive to Spokane was marked by a constant smoky haze, as was Spokane itself throughout the convention. Continue reading →

2014 Hugo Awards

The 2014 Hugos have been awarded at the Seventy-second World SF Con, Loncon 3, in London, England.

Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form: Gravity.

Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form: “The Rain of Castamere, Game of Thrones.

Best Novel: Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie.

Best Novella: “Equoid” by Charles Stross (

Best Novelette: “The Lady Astronaut of Mars” by Mary Robinette Kowal (

Best Short Story: “The Water That Falls On You From Nowhere” by John Chu (

Others, after the jump….

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Don’t tell me they forgot the duct tape

The privately-owned Cygnus supply ship reaches the international space station….

All of which might make us think more about off-planet legal and property issues.

On the space station, astronaut Karen Nyberg made this toy dinosaur out of scraps. She plans to give it to her son.

Meanwhile, below the jump: video of the Ohio meteor, last month’s Burning Man, recent Con Cosplay– and this clown:

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