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ST: The Motion Picture, Take Three

There was \”Star Trek: The Motion Picture,\” and it was, well, so-so.

Then there was the re-do with added footage that ABC aired on TV
in the 80s, which was subsequently released on video, and it wasn\’t too bad.

Now, director Robert Wise is finally preparing the \”director\’s cut\” version,
which he says won\’t suck nearly as much.

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Seven’s Stalker To Stand Trial

A judge ordered a man to stand trial for allegedly stalking “Star Trek Voyager” star Jeri Ryan.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alan Ellis ruled Wednesday that there was sufficient to order Marlon Pagtakhan, 22, to stand trial on five counts, including stalking and extortion.

(Thanks to the AP news service for feeding me this.)

Trek I DVD: Eye Candy!

Yup, they’re remastering the first Star Trek motion picture for a DVD release. And, in proud “Star Wars Special Edition” form, they’re taking the opportunity to put in lots and lots of new SFX and graphic touch-ups. There’s only one picture with this article, but it’s a nice picture nonetheless (along with an overview of what they plan to do).

Star Trek X: Romulans

fiziko writes, It seems that Romulans will be involved in the next Star Trek movie. In this article, Rick Berman addresses the presence of Romulans, as well as allusions and rumour-kills about the future of Data and the franchise. Oh my God, they killed the rumors! You bastards!

Spiner Signs For Trek Ten

No one is surprised by this, but I have to list it for completeness: Brent Spiner is now signed for the next Trek movie. Read all about it. There were rumors during the production of ST:Insurrection that Spiner wanted his character, Data, to be killed during the movie, as he reportedly believed he was getting too old to play an ageless android. Let’s officially start the rumors up again. :-)