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San Diego Comic Con 2010 Journal

Yes, I realize that SDCC 2010 was last week. However, I kind of had a lot of stuff to do when I got home after the convention (I’ve only really finished unpacking just now), so now it’s time to get my notes together and let you know what happened during the con, based on my journal entries from the trip. This isn’t precisely going to be a “news” post – partially because it’s late, and partially the news stories from the con went up during the con, so you’ve probably already read them. Continue reading →

Greg Rucka Leaves DC

ComicsAlliance is reporting that Greg Rucka announced at WonderCon that he is leaving DC comics. While he enjoyed writing the new Batwoman, he was concerned about becoming complacent and too comfortable at DC. However, he is not jumping ship to Marvel. Instead he has some plans for more Queen and Country stories, including a new novel. Continue reading →

Video Game Review – Batman: Arkham Asylum

As 2009 comes to a close, I and my new Gamefly subscription are going to get started catching up with some of the games from 2009 and earlier. Today we ring in the New Year with Batman: Arkham Asylum, a game that has been lauded by other members of the gaming press as the best Batman game of all time. Well… being that I’m not other members of the gaming press, let’s see what I think. Continue reading →

Comic Review – DC The New Frontier Vol. 1

Previously, we’ve reviewed Justice League: The New Frontier, a direct-to-video animated movie adapted from Darwyn Cooke’s graphic novel, taking the Silver Age and re-spinning it to reflect the real-world politics of the time, and some more modern sensabilities. At the time of that review, we hadn’t done a review of the much longer graphic novel on which the comic was based. We’re rectifying that now with a review of part 1, with part 2 to follow next week. Continue reading →