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Is Transformers 3 a Bigger Mess Than 2?

Yesterday, Paramount rolled out the latest trailer from the third movie in the series. I enjoyed the first movie. No, it wasn’t high art, but it was fun. The second film, as most critics felt, was a loud and obnoxious mess. I agree. (And I will never get certain parts of Devastator’s anatomy out my head!)

Now we get a good look at number three, and frankly, I can’t make any sense of it. When did Transformers become a Roland Emmerich-style apocalypse? I understand, giant robots doing battle is far from believable, but the scale of this seems…wrong.

The trailer is embedded below. Am I being overly harsh? Are my expectations too high? Do I just need to get over it? I’ve never been one of those “So-and-so raped my childhood” guys. But…Enough is enough Mr. Bay.

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