Endeavour Shuttle Launch Successful

If you tuned in to NASA TV you got to see it live (Nasa.gov or Space.com), except for me since my P.O.S. Compaq decided to lock up at T-minus one-minute-forty

:::Insert sound of PC hitting every step in the stairwell:::

Too bad the mainstream press doesn’t give a damn about these events. Each and every one of these is a major engineering feat but, sadly, we take them for granted.

I’m still miffed that the first woman commander’s mission (one that actually had several major problems including a main engine failure) was buried by the press in favor of coverage of JFK’s spoiled son and his poor choice of a landing strip.

Sound off yourselves! What do you think about NASA’s current state, goals, and future? Should we spend more time going to the moon? Mars? Whatever!

Hugh Who?

This is so bizarre, it must be true. IGN FilmForce is reporting that actor Hugh Grant is the latest candidate to play the Ninth Doctor in the always-talked-about “Doctor Who” feature film. He may be British, but beyond that I’m a touch skeptical.


When I posted the X-Lawsuit story a few days back, it was a joke. Really. This one isn’t, though, and it’s even weirder.

After the X-Men movie of last summer, Marvel decided to capitalize on its popularity by rushing a new TV series, “Mutant X,” into production. 20th Century Fox says it’s got refusal rights on any X-series; Marvel claims that “The X-Men” aren’t related to “Mutant X” in any way.

I think. This is just too screwy for me…