Akira Re-releases

Anonymous Coward writes, A bit late, but Dark Horse have started a re-release (I think it’s been released before anyway) of the Akira comic book translated into english. Find ’em at Amazon. They’re releasing all 6 parts at about one a month or so (I think).

Also have a look at this for a bit of info about an upcoming cinema and DVD release of Akira the film. If you want to help out the Bureau, you can also click the “Amazon.com” link to your left. Enter “Akira” in the search box, and you’ll hit the same page as that URL, except we’ll get a cut. :)

Trek V: Who’s The Captain Gonna Be?

Trek Today, source of all great rumors, is reporting the wholly unconfirmed rumor that Scott Bakula is “in negotiations” for the role of the ship’s captain in the next Trek series (y’know, the one that Paramount still won’t even publicly acknowledge is being planned). Tongue planted firmly in cheek, IGN explores the possibilities, from Bruce Campbell to Lucy Lawless. So, assuming there will be a fifth series, who would you like to see as the newest captain?

Interview: JMS On Spidey

More spoilers, but these are probably legit, since they
come straight from the source. This interview
with J. Michael Straczynski (the Babylon 5 guy with the
hard-to-spell name) details some of his plans for the
next year, as he takes over writing duties for Marvel’s
“Amazing Spider-Man” book.