…got Mulder? (X-Files Reviews: Within and Without)

As if we didn’t know, the season premiere of “The X-Files” is this Sunday. And, lucky media whore that I am, I’ve already seen the first two episodes. My local Fox affiliate was having a big promotional bit for it — I got to see the show, and The Pageant (a new nightclub/concert venue, that’s only been open for a couple weeks). Both were spiffy. For a news-ish impression of the new season, visit this here news story. For my somewhat less enlightening, but hopefully more-fun, interpretation thereof (replete with minor spoilers), see below.
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Complete Oscars

It seems that I can\’t add an extended body to an article originally posted as a short article, so the complete list of Oscar nominations is here. Sci-fi shows are listed in bold, while fantasy is listed in italics. I haven\’t seen all of these, so some of these classifications are pure guesswork. If you disagree, post a comment.
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Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations have just been announced. In the major categories, there were no sci-fi shows that I noticed. However, there were representations from Fantasy through Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Shadow of the Vampire. I\’ll find a complete list of nominees in all categories and list them below later today.