SF (Mostly) Stiffed In 2001 Golden Globes

Nothing new here, friends… The Golden Globes don’t have technical categories like the Oscars do, so we have to go on the strength of actors and plot — something which SF, stereotypically, isn’t known for.

“Gladiator” racked up lots of nominations, but it’s not exactly genre in the strictest sense. Ditto for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Sadly, the closest to a genuine SF/Fantasy nod there is, is Jim Carrey for “The Grinch.” That, and the always-lovely Jessica Alba for Dark Angel (Best Actress, Drama nomination).

Stan Lee Media Closing

More nostalgia, I suppose – I grew up on some of the classic
Stan Lee comics, and I was an avid reader of the various
comics on StanLee.net. So it
saddens me a bit to report that, due to lack of funding,
the aforementioned site is closing for the forseeable future (well, not really closing, but they’re laying off most of their staff and halting production). With the exception
of the really goofy “Backstreet Boys as superheroes” bit, they were turning out some quality stories.