Eye Candy: The X-Case

If you’re reading this, it’s pretty likely you’ve got a computer. The geeks at OCIA have assembled a collection of modded, overclocked, and otherwise warranty-voided computers, including the X-Files Case (complete with Fox Mulder action figure). The page may take a while to load, as it’s got plenty of big pictures on it, but the X-Case alone is worth the wait.

It’s A Spidey Kinda Weekend

I really wish someone would’ve told me about this earlier — the short-lived, but really nifty, “Spider-Man Unlimited” animated series came back to TV this morning on FOX. And the movie starts filming on Monday, even though it’s not currently slated to hit theaters until May 2002, according to this report from the big Y.

SF (Mostly) Stiffed In 2001 Golden Globes

Nothing new here, friends… The Golden Globes don’t have technical categories like the Oscars do, so we have to go on the strength of actors and plot — something which SF, stereotypically, isn’t known for.

“Gladiator” racked up lots of nominations, but it’s not exactly genre in the strictest sense. Ditto for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Sadly, the closest to a genuine SF/Fantasy nod there is, is Jim Carrey for “The Grinch.” That, and the always-lovely Jessica Alba for Dark Angel (Best Actress, Drama nomination).