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Fringe Discussion: “6955 kHZ”

Several people develop retrograde amnesia, the Fringe Force discovers pieces of a great device, both Olivias find themselves in difficult situations, and the conspiracy theories grow loopier. I only hope the “First People” amounts to a cover fantasy created by Walternate, because otherwise, it pushes the show a little too far into Tinfoil-Hat-Silly. Yeah, even for Fringe.

Still, we’re left with much over which to puzzle– and the writers gave Our Astrid something to do.

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Fringe Discussion: “Amber 31422”

We’re back in the alternate universe, where a case involving identical twins threatens the fabric of reality– and Olivia’s divided sense of her identity. We also learn some terrible truths about the amber quarantine– truths that may turn the loyalties of others on the alternate Fringe Force.

(We also learn that Bogart didn’t play Sam Spade in this world’s version of The Maltese Falcon)

Fringe Discussion: “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?”

No Dicking around, this was a pretty good Fringe ep. It gave us a closer look at Shapeshifters, raising in the process questions about identity and morality. Torv has been faring much better as Olivia(s) lately, though I found her performance this week lacking in subtlety. Still, if an imposter replaced someone close to us, how would we know? How do we cope when someone we know well changes?

A few more questions after the cut, and (we hope) some discussion.

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Fringe Discussion: “The Box”

The tale begins with the discovery of an enigmatic box buried beneath the basement of a house.

We later learn that this year’s story arc will concern, at least in part, a treasure hunt for the hidden components of a Plot Device. We know where at least one other component is, since that component is Peter Bishop.

What did everyone think?

Fringe Discussion: Olivia

Fringe has gone from a mediocre reinvention of X-Files to a popular show with its own vision. Anna Torv, often questionable as both a female lead and as a depiction of a top FBI agent, has also come a long way.

I still can’t make myself care very much about this show, but “Olivia” gave us a fairly strong season premiere.

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